Thankfulness Thursday

I’ve been seeing this post and ones similar floating around the internet so I thought I would post it here as a reminder!

  1. Early wake ups = children to love
  1. House to clean = a safe place to live
  1. Laundry = clothes to wear
  1. Dishes to wash = food to eat
  1. Crumbs under the table = family meals
  1. Grocery shopping = money to provide for us
  1. Toilets to clean = indoor plumbing
  1. Lots of noise = people in my life
  1. Endless questions = children’s brains are growing
  1. Sore and tired in bed = I’m still alive!!

– I’m looking forward to making “Thankfulness Thursday” posts a weekly occurrence 🤗.

What are you thankful for today?


A Cake & Carousels 4th Birthday Party

Our firstborn daughter turned 4 at the end of August (how?!?) and we wanted to celebrate her in a fun yet simple way. A few years ago right before her second birthday, we took her to the Bushnell Park Carousel in Hartford, CT *nerd alert* Bushnell Park is the oldest publicly funded park in the US! ANYWAY, she had the best time there and has talked about the experience basically once a week since then.

Fast forward to this past July when we were brainstorming about what to do for her upcoming birthday and we thought the carousel would be the perfect choice.

We wanted the location to be a surprise but let her pick out which decorations and what kind of cake she would like to have – she chose pink llama decorations and requested a strawberry, lemon cake with LOTS of icing and sprinkles. Done and done. Normally I like to bake things from scratch, but was plagued by ridiculous morning sickness that made an all day baking adventure (doing anything, really) impossible. Boxed cake for the win!

The day finally arrived and as her little friends gathered to celebrate her, I was struck by what a blessing she truly is and how her life has truly impacted ours for the better!

Here are some photos from her fun day:

A Shot of the Carousel
the carousel in motion
Joona waiting her turn to ride
Joona's first ride
Joona’s first ride
the happiest 4 year old Bean
so happy!


An Afternoon at Valley Forge

I’m actively working on creating a schedule to bring more consistency to Simply Amarachi. I have so many ideas in my mind but sometimes find it difficult to categorize and then execute those ideas. But, an exciting shift is coming that will feature some makers who inspire me and I cannot wait to showcase these creatives to you all!

A few weeks ago, the girls and I took a trip to Valley Forge National Historical Park in King of Prussia, PA. Valley Forge is the site of the winter encampment of the Continental Army  that George Washington was commander over. Growing up in Pennsylvania and being homeschooled, I went on quite a few field trips to Valley Forge but as a grade schooler (who was required to write a report on the trip), I wasn’t fully invested in all the rich history VF had to offer. Now as an adult, I am a HUGE history nerd and try to invoke a sense of excitement about historical things in my girls so I was thrilled to show them around the grounds! We did quite a bit of exploring for a few hours and it just made me the happiest to see them running around freely enjoying the day!

Here are some photos from our fun afternoon.

Love you all!

A Day in NYC with my Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

This is a sponsored post for Ergobaby, in which they provided a free product for review. I will also receive a small commission when you purchase an Ergobaby product after clicking my referral links. Although sponsored, all opinions are my own!

For the past few months Auden has been requesting that we take her to Central Park “when it’s warm and sunny” and last weekend we were able to do just that! I was really excited when the forecast said that it was going to be in the high 70s (FINALLY!! Has this felt like the endless winter to anyone else??) and thought, “Perfect! What better time to break in my new stroller?” Ergobaby graciously sent me their newest product – The Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller and ohmygosh guys, it’s incredible!

The 180 Reversible Stroller weighs a little under 20 pounds and is literally the easiest thing to fold up – no more of those 9 step folding mechanisms, all you need to do is pull up on the fold strap that is conveniently located in the seat and…done! Such a game changer, especially when you have to fold it up quickly, hypothetically speaking, just before running through a train station like a couple of crazies trying to catch a train while your 3.5 year old yells, “DID WE MISS IT?!?!” the whole time. Yeah, you can laugh.

I thought about what I would highlight in this post as my most favorite thing but honestly, I couldn’t think of just one so I’m going to briefly talk about a few key features that I absolutely love.

  1. You can easily switch from facing your baby to having them face out to see the world without having to make any adjustments to the seat! That’s what makes the 180 reversible – you can move the handlebar without having to remove your baby from their comfortable seat.
  2. (This feature is my husband’s favorite) The handlebar is height-adjustable! Since my husband Mike is 6’4 the majority of strollers that we’ve tried leave him having to hunch over to reach the handlebar. With the 180 Reversible, the handlebar comes UP to him! I legit cheered when he held the handle and was still able to stand up straight!
  3. SO. MUCH. STORAGE. I’m trying to embrace minimalism in my home and really be intentional about the items I bring into our household (toys, furniture, clothing, etc.) but one look into my diaper bag would have you thinking otherwise. That bag is stuffed with snacks, spare clothes, snacks, shoes, snacks, diapers, lotion, wipes, and I’m pretty sure it weighs about 15 pounds. Guess what though? Neither Mike nor I had to carry it because of the cavernous under-seat basket that was able to accommodate all the things. 180 Reversible Stroller, our backs thank you.

Here are some photos from our day in the city!

Holding hands, waiting for our train 
On our way! 
Taking in the sights! 
Eating crepes in Central Park 
It’s starting to look like Spring!
Taking in the sights at the Rock! (Auden’s turn in the stroller :))
One-handed pushing like a boss 
See? He’s able to stand up straight! All the praise hands for the adjustable handlebar feature. 

Product Review: Art & Eden

Hi everyone! I took some time off to focus on the holiday season and then ease into the new year but I’m back now! I’m feeling more refreshed than ever and ready to bring some new content. Thank you all for sticking around :). 

Lately, I’ve been feeling the weight of fast fashion and just how detrimental the clothing industry has been on the environment. I’ve been (slowly) working towards making more informed decisions to buy sustainable products for the girls that are both fun and affordable. As a rule, Mike and I try to feed the girls non GMO, organic and well-rounded meals, we use natural products throughout the house and on their bodies, but I really hadn’t thought much about the chemicals that might be on the surfaces and in the fibers of their clothing!

During my searches, I was overjoyed to stumble upon a new children’s brand called Art & Eden. The first thing that I noticed about them was that they only used certified organic cotton. We were off to a great start! After researching them a bit more and reading what they were about on their website, I found out that they are blazing a new trail and positively disrupting the clothing industry as we know it.

On their website, founder and CEO, Susan Correa said, “I wanted improved livelihood for farmers, dyers and tailors. I wanted a world of collaboration and connection where people worked alongside each other to create a better world for all.” Now that was a cause I could definitely get behind.

Art & Eden not only offers unique designs in whimsical and playful patters, ALL of their designs are created using eco-friendly practices such as low impact dyes – dyes that do not contain toxic chemicals, require less rinsing which saves water, and have a higher absorption rate into fabrics! Find out more info about their mission here.

A few months ago, I entered and won (yay!) a contest on their Instagram and they sent me some items off of my wishlist! We absolutely loved everything we received. Especially the Evelyn Sweatpants – which you will see photographed below along with the Amelia Sweatshirt! I only wish those pants came in my size *cough* an adult line in the future, perhaps? *cough*

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this brand and their mission. I’m so excited to watch them continue to bring much-needed changes to the clothing industry.





Where we are now: Making room for God to work in whatever way that may be. For the past year and a half, we’ve been planning to move somewhere – initially Redding, CA and then Austin, TX since February. We have been searching for jobs and a home in Austin with no real success. We prayed about just making the move without any job lined up but really didn’t hear a direct ‘Yes’ from God and didn’t want to go on our own authority. So we waited. And we’re waiting still. 

Now we’re praying about what it would mean if we stayed (in Connecticut). I was resistant at first because staying here was definitely not a part of anything I had imagined. Just last month we declared that we were going to do whatever it was that God wanted even if it meant not going to Austin (yet?) like we had been planning. We want to be a blessing to those around us and steward relationships wherever that may be. 

I wanted to wait until everything had been decided so I could present our story to you with a tidy bow on top and a “so that’s what we did!” at the end of my post, but, that’s not real life and I promised you vulnerability in this space. 

So here we are: filled with hope; ready.

Baking with my Bestie

Fall is our absolute favorite season! A few weeks ago, we went apple picking as a family and the next day, we baked some of the apples into a delicious pie. Auden always likes to help in the kitchen and this time was no different :). It was such a peaceful weekend together. 

Blessings! 🍎