The (former) Bane of my Existence 

I have been a wife for over three years and a mama for over two years. I feel like I’m pretty good at keeping the house relatively clean, keeping up with the laundry, getting rid of unnecessary clothing and household items, etc. One thing that I am very much not good at though, is meal planning. The thought of meal planning would send actual shivers down my spine, but conversely, without a set plan, the daily question of, “What should we have for dinner” would make me want to cry. You know why? Because I could never think of anything (besides tacos) that I wanted to eat!
Well, those days are officially over! My husband and I began using this incredible (and free!!) app that has revolutionized our food lives. It’s called Mealime. Here’s how it works: after downloading the app, it asks you how many meals you want to make that week and you have the option to pick between 2-6 healthy and quick meals. Then it presents you with a ton of different delicious recipes – with pictures, tools needed, and a complete ingredient list/cooking guide, and you get to pick and choose which meals work best! After you finish picking out however many meals you’re planning on making that week, it will create a grocery list for you. Yes, I’m serious. It takes all the guess work out of you having to count how many limes, or onions, or cups of rice you’ll need plus it eliminates a lot of waste!

An added bonus is that you can personalize it to whatever dietary needs or allergies you may have and it will substitute ingredients to match your needs and requirements!

We have been telling all of our friends about this miracle worker and since you’re my friend, I’m now telling you!

It’s really one of the most simple and fool-proof meal planners I’ve ever seen.

Get. This. App. Mealime

You’ll thank me later. While you’re smiling smugly to yourself. Eating your dinner. From your meal plan. That you created.

You’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.57.00 PM

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