Native Deodorant Product Review 

Fun fact:I sweat.

Not perspire, not glisten, I’m talking burly man in the middle of a Crossfit competition type sweat. 

For years I barely thought about what exactly was going on my body in terms of deodorant. All I cared about was 1. Whether or not it worked and 2. Whether or not it had antiperspirant. I always, always wore antiperspirant because (I thought) it was the only thing that worked. Guys. Antiperspirant is the worst! If you’re using it, you need to stop that junk and throw it in the nearest trash can. If you’re driving and you’ve got some in your glove compartment, throw it out of your window (but don’t because that’s littering and littering is bad). Just get rid of it. Did you know that antiperspirant is mainly comprised of ALUMINUM? It’s so terrible for you! (Do your own research and come to your own conclusions, friends). Anyway, about 6 years ago I stopped buying deodorant with antiperspirant and although my underarms were healthier, I just felt gross. I decided last year when I was pregnant to do a “pit detox” and stopped wearing deodorant entirely. It was kinda the best and I didn’t even smell. At first. Then one day I was getting Auden something off of a shelf and I caught a whiff of my pits. Lord have mercy, this no deodorant thing was not going to work. Have I mentioned that I sweat a lot? Enter: Native Deodorant a.k.a. Miracle Worker a.k.a. My new best friend. Not only does this deodorant smell glorious, it actually works! Really works. And because I love you all so much, I have a 10% off coupon code so you too can smell as good as I do!  🙌🏾

C O U P O N  C O D E >> NATIVE10<< at checkout

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