Our Wedding Video – September 8, 2013

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! Our dear friends, Dustin and Rochelle from The Union Productions graciously shot footage for our special day. This is the highlight reel and something that I will cherish forever! Watching this will always put the hugest smile on my face and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!


Day In The Life: Lyman Orchards

My daughter Auden turned 3 last Thursday and to celebrate, I had a couple fun activities planned to do earlier in the week. One of the ones I was really looking forward to was a sunflower maze at Lyman Orchards!

Lyman Orchards started back in 1741 when a 37 acre parcel of land was purchased by John and Hope Lyman. Over the last 276 years, it has grown to cover more than 1,100 acres and is now home to an array of fruits, vegetables and  flowers – not to mention delicious pastries and local farm fresh goodness. Each summer they create a sunflower maze and a corn maze in the Fall.

The maze itself was really interactive – they offered a 10 question, age appropriate quiz that, upon answering correctly, let you know which way to turn next. I was really proud of Auden for her stamina during the majority of the 2 mile winding walk and Joona even took a nap while on my back in the Ergo carrier. Wins all around. We ended our fun with a little picnic in back of our car. Auden let me know that it was “The most fun flower day EVER!” I would call that a success :).

Auden with her map and clues
Smiles all around
Overview of some of the maze
Obviously very stoked

There were so many varieties of sunflower! So pretty.
We made it to the end!
Thumbs up for finishing the maze!


New Month; New Methods

I absolutely love the start of a new month! I find myself using the first few days to reflect on the previous month to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s kind of the same way that my husband and I parent – we like to assess how Auden responds to a certain parenting style or new thing we’re implementing and if it’s not working, we’ll take that into account and try a different method.

With that being said, I’ve been thinking and praying about the right format for Simply Amarachi and I have come up with a few categories that I’m really excited to write about and share with you all!

“We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about – turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.” C.S. Lewis

What to expect going forward:

PRODUCT REVIEWS – Simply that! I’ll give an honest review about products I love, and there will most likely be a coupon code involved so keep your eyes peeled for these! I’ll post the code on my Instagram stories as well

DAY IN THE LIFE – Pictures of our everyday adventures

STRONG (I’m looking forward to this this most!!) – Interviews with women who inspire me

THE GOOD STUFF – Things for which I am thankful

So yay! I’m definitely looking forward to these next few months and thanks again for following along.