Where we are now: Making room for God to work in whatever way that may be. For the past year and a half, we’ve been planning to move somewhere – initially Redding, CA and then Austin, TX since February. We have been searching for jobs and a home in Austin with no real success. We prayed about just making the move without any job lined up but really didn’t hear a direct ‘Yes’ from God and didn’t want to go on our own authority. So we waited. And we’re waiting still. 

Now we’re praying about what it would mean if we stayed (in Connecticut). I was resistant at first because staying here was definitely not a part of anything I had imagined. Just last month we declared that we were going to do whatever it was that God wanted even if it meant not going to Austin (yet?) like we had been planning. We want to be a blessing to those around us and steward relationships wherever that may be. 

I wanted to wait until everything had been decided so I could present our story to you with a tidy bow on top and a “so that’s what we did!” at the end of my post, but, that’s not real life and I promised you vulnerability in this space. 

So here we are: filled with hope; ready.

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