A Cake & Carousels 4th Birthday Party

Our firstborn daughter turned 4 at the end of August (how?!?) and we wanted to celebrate her in a fun yet simple way. A few years ago right before her second birthday, we took her to the Bushnell Park Carousel in Hartford, CT *nerd alert* Bushnell Park is the oldest publicly funded park in the US! ANYWAY, she had the best time there and has talked about the experience basically once a week since then.

Fast forward to this past July when we were brainstorming about what to do for her upcoming birthday and we thought the carousel would be the perfect choice.

We wanted the location to be a surprise but let her pick out which decorations and what kind of cake she would like to have – she chose pink llama decorations and requested a strawberry, lemon cake with LOTS of icing and sprinkles. Done and done. Normally I like to bake things from scratch, but was plagued by ridiculous morning sickness that made an all day baking adventure (doing anything, really) impossible. Boxed cake for the win!

The day finally arrived and as her little friends gathered to celebrate her, I was struck by what a blessing she truly is and how her life has truly impacted ours for the better!

Here are some photos from her fun day:

A Shot of the Carousel
the carousel in motion
Joona waiting her turn to ride
Joona's first ride
Joona’s first ride
the happiest 4 year old Bean
so happy!