Product Review: Art & Eden

Hi everyone! I took some time off to focus on the holiday season and then ease into the new year but I’m back now! I’m feeling more refreshed than ever and ready to bring some new content. Thank you all for sticking around :). 

Lately, I’ve been feeling the weight of fast fashion and just how detrimental the clothing industry has been on the environment. I’ve been (slowly) working towards making more informed decisions to buy sustainable products for the girls that are both fun and affordable. As a rule, Mike and I try to feed the girls non GMO, organic and well-rounded meals, we use natural products throughout the house and on their bodies, but I really hadn’t thought much about the chemicals that might be on the surfaces and in the fibers of their clothing!

During my searches, I was overjoyed to stumble upon a new children’s brand called Art & Eden. The first thing that I noticed about them was that they only used certified organic cotton. We were off to a great start! After researching them a bit more and reading what they were about on their website, I found out that they are blazing a new trail and positively disrupting the clothing industry as we know it.

On their website, founder and CEO, Susan Correa said, “I wanted improved livelihood for farmers, dyers and tailors. I wanted a world of collaboration and connection where people worked alongside each other to create a better world for all.” Now that was a cause I could definitely get behind.

Art & Eden not only offers unique designs in whimsical and playful patters, ALL of their designs are created using eco-friendly practices such as low impact dyes – dyes that do not contain toxic chemicals, require less rinsing which saves water, and have a higher absorption rate into fabrics! Find out more info about their mission here.

A few months ago, I entered and won (yay!) a contest on their Instagram and they sent me some items off of my wishlist! We absolutely loved everything we received. Especially the Evelyn Sweatpants – which you will see photographed below along with the Amelia Sweatshirt! I only wish those pants came in my size *cough* an adult line in the future, perhaps? *cough*

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this brand and their mission. I’m so excited to watch them continue to bring much-needed changes to the clothing industry.